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Circulation pumps type COK


The COK propeller pumps are intended to accelerate the circulation of pure and chemically inert liquids in central heating systems and domestic hot water systems.

Technical specifications

capacity 48 ÷ 390 m3/h
delivery head up to 2,7 m
pumped liquid temperature up to 90oC
mass 35 ÷ 92 kg
motor power COK 125 0,75 kW
COK 200 3 kW

Product marking structure

0 1
1 0 1 3
0 0 3
a a a
c c
e1 e1 e2
i i i

a a a - aggregate type (three marks)
b - pump type/size
c c - pump type/dimension
d - pump material execution as in MATERIAL EXECUTION
e  e1 e1 e2   - pump constructional execution as in CONSTRUCTIONAL EXECUTION
h - supply completeness *
i i i - motor type
k - product cosmetics

*) the COK type pumps are compact monoblock design. The delivery completion range includes pumps plus motor designated by the digit 4.

Material execution of COK pumps

   COK pumps are produced in two material executions

Pump elements Material "d = 1"
1 2
Casing gray cast iron gray cast iron
Impeller gray cast iron brass
Shaft stainless steel stainless steel
Bearings tin bronze tin bronze

Constructional execution

Constructional execution is marked with e  e1 e1 e2 code as follows:

"e" = 1 - pumping of liquids of up to 90oC
"e1 e1" = 01 - cord seal

"e2" = 1 no adapter stub (COK 5 pumps only)
"e2" = 2 with adapter stub for size 100 motors (COK 5 pumps only)
"e2" = 3 with adapter stub for size 90 motors (COK 5 pumps only)

Product cosmetics

  1. Standard
  2. Special


  • Guaranteed long-lasting operation and readily available spare parts.
  • Constant technical supervision with warranty and post-warranty technical service.
  • Low purchase and operating costs.
  • Relatively long operating life in harsh conditions.

Design of COK pumps

The COK elbow propeller pumps are single-stage pumps with angled arrangement of connectors, where one of the connectors is the extension of the drive motor. The driving force of the motor is transmitted to the pump shaft with two slide bearings via a bush coupling. The shaft is sealed with a cord-type soft seal. The elbow design of the body allows direct installation of the pump on the pipeline.

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