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GT deep-well pumps

Deep-well pumps GTB, GTC with the diameter of 3" and 3.5" , resistant to minor amounts of sand (adequate to constructional and material execution), intended mainly for pumping water from deep-wells

Hydro-Vacuum S.A. is the brand name of the Polish leader in pump production respected by pump users in Poland and in several countries from all around the world. Hydro-Vacuum S.A. is building its position and innovation based on over 150 years of experience and trust of customers. For the company, the most important characteristic is the direct, close cooperation with the users of its products, including advisory for clients in the choice of optimum solutions in terms of the usage of pumps.


  • supplying in water buildings housing one or more families,
  • supplying in water farms and outbuildings,
  • supplying in water catering facilities, guesthouses, smaller production plants and hotels,
  • supplying in water holiday homes and recreational allotments,
  • supplying water to watering systems, including sprinklers and droplet systems,
  • pumping of groundwaters in order to reduce the water surface

Characteristics of GTB, GTC pumps

  • high quality guaranteed by the Polish leader in pump production Hydro-Vacuum S.A. Grudziądz,
  • assurance and reliability of functioning,
  • competitive technical parameters, including good energy performance which ensures low consumption of electrical energy,
  • durability, ensured by high quality of components and the materials used, including outlets, inlets, top chocks made of brass, motor windings made fully from copper, bearings from renowned NSK manufacturer,
  • check valve installed in the pump, protects the pump from damage owing to water column withdrawal,
  • serial cable up to 20m, connected by a plug to a motor,
  • pumps with single-phase motors are fitted with an external capacitor or a control box equipped with a cable ended with a plug,
  • powered by a submersible or rewindable motors,
  • 24 month guaranatee,
  • easily available guaranatee and post-guarantee services all over the country.

Technical parameters

Pump diameter 3" 3.5"
Capacity 0,3 ÷ 5,4 m3/h 0,6 ÷ 6 m3/h
Delivery head up 151 m up 124 m
Voltage 230 V 230 V /400 V
Motor power up 1,5 kW up 1,5 kW
Pumped liquid temp. up +35 OC up +35 OC
Sand content max. 2 % max. 3 %

Materials of construction

Pump elements Material
pump casing, pump shaft, bearing, motor casing, strainer, motor shaft stainless steel
outlet, inlet brass
diffuser polycarbonate - PC
impeller polymer -POM
mechanical sealing graphite-ceramic/TC
bearing NSK
shaft sleeve ceramic

Marking structure

Pump construction GTB.1.27

Additional products

Professional water intake installations, based on GT deep-well pumps should be equipped in a hydrophore tank and a pressure switch. Thank to this solution when the pressure in the tank falls to the set minimum the pump automatically switches on and turns off when the pressure in the tank is at level of the set maximum. This reduces the amount of pump activations (each turn on of the tap doesn’t cause the pump to activate – the water supply from the tank is used) and at the same time it protects the pump from wearing down too quickly. The tank accumulates a reserve of water equaling to around 1/3 of its capacity, which also gives the user the comfort of an access to water in the event of temporary electrical supply outage.

With the use of deep –well GT pumps we recommend the use of HVP (galvanized) and ZBOS/ZBOL (with a rubber membrane) hydrophore tanks, LCA pressure switch and LCS protection against dry running, which make up elements of properly working water supply machines.

The wells are drilled in places where the water surface occurs in depth not bigger than app. 8m and also wells dug at similar level of the water surface allow the usage of extremely resistant, strong and characterizing in a very long lifetime surface and self-priming pumps SKA, SKB, SM type produced by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. and based on them water supply machines.

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