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Single stage axially split double suction centrifugal pumps DHV type


DHV pumps should be applied for pumping of clean or slightly contaminated liquids with low viscosity and temperature up to 120oC.

The main applications are:

  • water supply, water treatment stations,
  • irrigation systems,
  • water heating and water cooling systems,
  • industrial water systems,
  • fire fighting systems,
  • power plants,
  • seawater pumping systems.

General data

Capacity up to 12000 m3/h
Delivery head up to 220 m
Temperature of pumped liquidy up to +120oC


  • Pumps type DHV are characterized by high rigidity of hydraulic system thanks to supporting of the shaft from its both sides.
  • Due to central location of impeller on the shaft and sucking of water by the impeller from its both sides, the axial forces In the pump have been reduced to the minimum what allows for simple pump bearing and elongates its life considerably.
  • Pump casing, divided in two halves (upper and bottom) allows for very convenient and easy inspection and reapairs of hydraulic system, after removing of the upper half.
  • Pumps are characterized by high efficiencies and low operation costs.
  • Due to big number of pump types and their very wide operation range, optimum selection of pumps for set operation parameters is possible.


Pump casing - axially split
Impeller - close, double suction
Shaft - protected by shaft sleeves
Sealing - soft packing - standard execution. Mechanical seal ( e.g. J. Crane, Burgmann, Anga)- on demand.
Bearings - in this type of pump axial force is reduced to minimum thanks to this radial ball bearings - grease lubricated are applied as a standard, oil lubricated on demand. All rotating elements are dynamiclly balanced and vibration free.
Speed - pump operates with the wide range of seed; from 2900rpm to 500rpm. Pumps may be controlled by Frequency Converters at different speeds or driven by other then electric motors.

Product marking structure

DHV.200 - 520 P A

Type DHV
Discharge nozzle (DN2 in mm) 200
Nominal impeller diameter (mm) 520
Impeller type P – wide
R – narrow
Impeller trimming A - first trimming
B - second trimming
C - third trimming
D - fourth trimming


DHV pump design to 350-510 gland packing

DHV pump design of 350-510 mechanical seal

DHV pump design of 350-430 and selected constructions 300-700, gland packing

DHV pump design of 350-430 and selected constructions 300-700, mechanical seal

DHV pump design to 350-620 gland packing

DHV pump design of 350-620 mechanical seal

Sample projects

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