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The ZHI and ZHJ sets are based on a single OPA and OPB pump and complete with non-return valves, a hydraulic accumulator, and a control system. The set configuration depends on the intended use and application.

The single pump sets built as parallel systems of several pumps are designed for pumping water, raising water pressure in supply networks, and compensation of hydraulic losses resulting from the parameters of supplied pipelines.

Basic technical data

capacity 1,5 ÷ 75 m3/h
delivery head 12 ÷ 100 m
pumped liquid temperature max 40 oC
Working pressure 1 [bar]

Main applications:

  • Small water supply networks;
  • Indoor fire hydrant/standpipe systems;
  • Irrigation systems (for gardening and farming);
  • industrial water supply and processing systems (cooling systems, cleaning systems, etc.).

Product marking structure

0 3
4 0 0 6
x x x
a a
c c
e1 e2 e3 e4
i i i

a a product classification group (general product name, example: ZH),
a1 hydraulic accumulator design version (I - Multi-stage vertical pumps OPB.2÷3), (J - Multi-stage vertical pumps OPA.0÷OPA.7.)
b type size of applied pump,
c c type size of applied pump, e.g.: ZHI.2.03 - a set of three-stage OPB.2.03 pumps
d number of pumps in set, d=1
e1 e2 e3 e4   design version of the set. This part of the index is covered in the section about the set design,
h type of control. This part of the index is covered in the section about the set control system types.
i i i factory designation of the control system. It is issued at the stage of quotation or order confirmation once the function and operating method of the set have been defined.
k designation of optional accessories


ZHI and ZHJ are single pump sets. The pump is installed on a support structure, and features cut-off and non-return valves, controls (LCA pressure switch or pressure transducer), a control system and a hydraulic accumulator.

Pumping units

ZHI and ZHJ feature OPA and OPB (upgraded OPA) pumping units.

Support structure

The structure is welded from steel sections. It rests on vibration dampers with height adjustment in the range of 20 mm and a levelling system. The support structure can be optionally made of structural carbon steel with dip zinc coating or austenitic steel.


The pump has a non-return valve. The ZHI.2 to ZHI.3 and ZHJ.0 to ZHJ.3 sets also feature cut-off ball valves on the delivery and suction/supply ends. The delivery end also features a pressure gauge installed on the delivery pipe or on the hydraulic accumulator (ZBW.5: 200 litres capacity, or ZBO tanks).

Installation site considerations:

  • The room area should enable installing the hydraulic accumulator set with clearances that enable free access to individual components.
  • The ambient temperature at the installation site should be between +5oC and + 40oC.
  • The room should feature a ventilation system with an air exchange rate of 1/hour or higher.
  • Due to the foundation of the set on vibration dampers with levelling, no extra foundation works are necessary for the installation.
  • The room floor should have a slope towards floor drains for effective water discharge from the installation site. The running hydraulic accumulator set must be protected from flooding with water.
  • If the set is fed by an open storage reservoir, the hydraulic accumulator set should be located to ensure a minimum static flow of 1.0 m at the set connection point. Otherwise contact the manufacturer to select and install a suitable flooding adapter.

Design version of the set

Due to the necessary adaptation to various functional and installation conditions, the hydraulic accumulator sets are available in a wide range of design versions specified by a four-character code.

The first character of the code e1e2e3e4 designates the orientation of the control cabinet. The ZHI and ZHJ sets can have one of the two available control cabinet orientations.

e1 Control cabinet location
3 The cabinet is outside of the set structure. It is wall mounted at the plant.
4 The cabinet is installed on the pump.

The support structure, delivery pipes and pressure gauge stubs are offered in two material versions specified by the second position of the four-character code e1e2e3e4.

e2 Material version
0 The support structure, connectors and control cabinet support structure are made of structural carbon steel with dip zinc coating.
1 The support structure, connectors and control cabinet support structure are made of austenitic steel.
9 Special materials as required by the customer.

The necessary functional adaptation of installation conditions and operating tasks of the set requires various configurations of connections and applications. It is the third position of the four-character code e1e2e3e4.

e3 Type of manifolds
0 Standard manifold
3 System with the test bypass
9 Special version as required by the customer.

The hydraulic accumulator sets are available in different delivery completion ranges. It is designated by the fourth position of the four-character code e1e2e3e4.

e4 Delivery completion range Type size „b”
0 Basic (pump + support structure + fittings + control) X X X X X X X X
1 Completion range "0" + ZBW.5 tank, 200 litres / 6 bar X X X X        
2 Completion range "0" + tank, 18 litres / 10 bar X X X X X X X X
3 Completion range "0" + tank, 25 litres / 10 bar X X X X X X X X
4 Completion range "0" + tank, 200 litres / 10 bar X X X X        
5 Completion range "0" + tank, 300 litres / 10 bar X X X X        
6 Completion range "0" + tank, 500 litres / 10 bar X X X X        
7 Special version as required by the customer. E.g. ZBO tank, 500 litres / 6 bar X X X X X X X X

The ZBW and ZBO tanks are manufactured by ZPU Hydro-Vacuum Sp. z o.o. Wąbrzeźno. The vessels shall be selected to the requirements. The vessels are also protected by safety valves as necessary. The valves are not within the delivery completion range of the ZHI and ZHJ sets.


There are two control types available for the single-pump systems.

h Control type
6 Type UZS.4 control and protection device. Operated with a pressure switch. On/off operation.
7 Control by a frequency converter. Operated with a pressure transducer. Type UZS.8 device.
9 Special version as required by the customer. E.g. the control depends on the level in the filled tank or starting is controlled by a thyristor starter.

Designation of optional accessories

k Accessory type
0 No optional accessories
9 Special accessories

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