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Pumps for shipyards and the maritime industry

The sea water and fresh water pumps manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. are intended for use in hydrophore systems.

For over 60 years we have been supplying tested and safe solutions for the water systems used in the shipbuilding industry. The experience we have gathered while cooperating with numerous business partners allows us to meet the increasing requirements of shipyards.

The main task of an on-board water system is, first and foremost, the supply of raw water for cooling the ship's engines, boilers and fire hydrants. The system also supplies water for crew use while on-board the ship. Apart from that, the system is used to operate the bilge water and other water ejectors on the ship and to provide water for the firefighting foam system.

The pumps of the on-board water system may also be used as ballast pumps or, if the system is designed in that way, as bilge pumps. The regulations of classification associations contain several requirements regarding the firefighting systems which must be met if the ship is to be allowed to sail.

Pumps used in the ship's water system must be characterised with good resistance to harmful operating environment conditions. Special care must be taken in selecting the right materials for their construction. The materials used in their construction, including brass, cast steel, and acid resistant steel, ensure that the components remain immune to the harmful effects of the pumped liquid, therefore extending the service life of the unit. Standard pumps are much more likely to have their service life reduced prematurely. Pumps manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. are used to pump liquids which meet the corrosion resistance criteria of the materials used in their construction.

Material execution "2" of SB pumps                

Materials used in SKA, SKG, S pumps

Component Material "d"
1 2 3 4 5** 6**
Body grey cast iron tin bronze grey cast iron grey cast iron cast carbon steel cast austenite steel
Units grey cast iron żeliwo chromowe grey cast iron żeliwo chromowe cast carbon steel cast austenite steel
Impeller tin bronze tin bronze ductile cast iron tin bronze tin bronze special cast austenite steel
Shaft stainless steel acid resistant steel stainless steel acid resistant steel stainless steel acid resistant steel
Shaft seal soft gland seal *
mechanical *

* sealing material selection depends on the pumped medium
** does not apply to type S pumps

Technical data

capacity 0,3 ÷ 39 m3/h
delivery head up to 310 m *
temperature of pumped medium up to 110 oC
density of medium up to 1300 kg/m3
viscosity of medium up to 150 mm2/s
weight 34,0 ÷ 409,0 kg
motor output 0,55 ÷ 30,0 kW
motor speed 1450 RPM (50 Hz) and 1800 RPM (60 Hz)

* for hot liquids between +70oC and +110oC the lift height is decreased by 10%.

The design of the pump allows for the use of numerous seal types: gland, mechanical, single end-face, and compact with barrier liquid.

All pumps for maritime use are subject to certification by the relevant classification associations:

PRS – Polski Rejestr Statków
(Polish Register of Shipping)

GL - Germanischer Lloyd

DNV - Det Norske Veritas

RS – Lloyd’s Register

ABS - American Bureau of Shipping

BV – Bureau Veritas

Obtaining the certificate is a crucial requirement, ensuring the safe operation of our products under the conditions specified in the requirements of the ordering party, attesting that all required production procedures have been met and confirming the quality of the final product.

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