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Multistage submersible pumps WZA


Multi-stage, submersible, impeller pumps type WZA are ideally fit for clean water pumping, including drinking and process water used in a household. WZA pumps should be installed when the water intake makes it impossible to apply a self-priming pump, whereas the depth of water makes it impossible to apply a deep-well pump. WZA submersible pumps can also be used to pump other liquids with pH meter between 6÷8, with density up to 1000 kg/m3 and viscosity up to 13 mm2/s. The temperature of the medium should not exceed 40oC. The liquid can contain non-abrasive inclusions with diameter up to 0.5 mm and their content up to 50 mg/dm3.

WZA pumps are used in:

  • water supply systems (water pumping from a well with 6" minimal diameter or from open intakes, tanks, reservoirs), automatic water supply systems (e.g. the AGE 5 automat),
  • irrigation systems,
  • washing systems,
  • drainage,
  • rainwater handling.

Technical specifications

capacity 1,2 ÷ 21 m3/h
delivery head 60 ÷ 80 m
submersion depth up to 10 m
pumped liquid temperature up to 40oC
density of the pumped liquid up to 1000 kg/m3
viscosity of pumped liquid 13 mm2/s
mass 15,5 ÷ 22,5 kg
motor power 0,55 ÷ 2,2 kW

Product marking structure

0 4
2 0 0 0
0 0 5
a a a
c c
e1 e2 e3 e4
i i i

a a a - pump type (three characters)
b - pump type/size (denotes successive pump rated value)
c c - pump type dimension (number of stages)
d - material execution, as in MATERIAL EXECUTION subparagraph
e1 e2 e3 e4   - constructional execution, as in CONSTRUCTIONAL EXECUTION subparagraph
h - supply completeness ( h=4 )
i i i - unit selection, coded according to manufacturer's internal documents
k - product cosmetics ( k=1 )

Material execution of WZA pumps

WZA pumps are produced in one material executions

Pump elements Material
Upper bearing casing brass
Lower bearing casing
Pressure casing
Middle casing noryl
Impeller leksan + brass
Motor jacket austenitic steel
External jacket
Suction rose
Jointing elements
Oil in oil housing white mineral oil

Constructional execution

Constructional execution is marked with e1 e2 e3 e4 code as follows:

"e1" - shows the number of motor phases

"e2 e3 e4" - a reserve is always marked "0"

"e1" = 1 motor 1~
"e1" = 2 motor 3~


  • modern design solutions,
  • guarantee of long-standing, reliable operation and easy access to replacement parts,
  • adjustment to individual customer's requirements,
  • permanent technical supervision as well as guarantee and post-guarantee servicing,
  • low purchase and operation costs,
  • relatively long life in hard operational conditions.


WZA units are submersible, multistage, monoblock centrifugal pumps with a dry, rewindable motor. The unit shaft is supported in upper and lower bearing housings by simple ball bearings, grease-lubricated for the full operation period. The induction motor (single- or three-phase) is built in the austenitic steel jacket and hermetically closed with bearing housings on both sides. The shaft is sealed in the lower housing with a mechanical seal (at pump impellers side - hydraulic section of the unit) and with a sealing ring of special design (at motor side - unit drive section). A buffering oil chamber is located between the seals so as to absorb leaks and to create comfortable working conditions for both seals. The unit pumping part is located below its drive (motor) part. The whole block is connected together with the outside jacket, discharge housing and suction rose.

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