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Hydro-Vacuum S.A. deep-well pump in the GBD.4 modernised version.

Hydro-Vacuum S.A. is a leading manufacturer of submersible pumps in Poland. It has been developing its devices for many years and adjusting them to the changing needs of its clients and increasingly demanding environmental standards as well as performance and energy requirements.

The latest in the offer is the GBD.4 series of twenty 6” pumps meant for work in water pipeline systems, pressing and increasing pressure of liquid in technological processes, decreasing the level of groundwater and irrigation systems. The pumps work in output of 25-55m3/h and lifting in the scope of between 6.5m and 290m with the motor power from 2.2 kW to 37kW.

Fundamental advantages of the new GBD.4 pump series is much higher energy efficiency, increased to the level of 74%, so 3% more than in the previous GBC.4 series. Such a result, being above the market average value and at the same time meeting growing market and legislation demands concerning efficiency of energy devices, was obtained thanks to the modernization and optimization of the hydraulic system. Another advantage of the GBD.4 series is the optimized pressure main body and the check valve, thanks to which in the pump there are smaller losses in lifting height with the maximum output.

In relation to the GBC.4 modernised pump, in the GDB.4 pump the bearing main body was also eliminated, thanks to that the pump is shorter, lighter and has no additional losses in the bearing. Moreover, transferring of the axial bearing system into the suction main body was performed and it limited the risk of dry running.

The innovation is also the use of joint elements made of stainless steel in relation to the galvanized steel previously used.

The GBD.4 series of types is designed in some materials, allowing to apply the ordinary water for pumping as well as seawater, thanks to the use of bronze elements.

We kindly invite you to test the new devices in your systems.

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