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Hydro-Vacuum S.A. Hydrophore Set in Twierdza Szyfrów

Czocha Castle is one of the best known fortresses in Poland. It was constructed in 1217 as a border stronghold, located at Silesian-Lusatian border, and it is well-known due to “Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów” series, where the fortress was a headquarters of Abwehr cryptographers.

In connection with modernisation of the fortress and adapting it to the requirements associated with water flow and pressure for fire fighting purposes, a decision has been made to construct a hydrophore station based on a solution of Hydro-Vacuum S.A., a pumps and pump systems manufacturer from Grudziądz. The modernisation also covered installation, external hydrants and the water intake station.
The hydrophore station has been located in an underground room adjacent to a fire tank of usable volume of 200 m3, where, in case of a fire, it will draw fire extinguishing water using a suction line. The tank and installations are constructed in a way to allow filling of 100% of the capacity within time not longer than 48h.

The facility has been designed to allow the main pump to ensure maximum concurrent flow to two DN80 external hydrants and a water filling point and at the same time to one of the circulations of the internal installation of the castle, while maintaining the maximum required pressure. Of course, it is possible to operate each circulation individually when other circulations are at standstill.

The hydrophore station provides constant available pressure regardless of the current consumption, maintaining fixed required pressure using a frequency transformer – at the change of flow – which adjusts the rotation speed of the pump motor. The main pump has its fixed back-up device – a standby pump of identical parameters. The air temperature in the hydrophore room is 5-10°C, therefore, in order to ensure optimal temperature and humidity, electric heaters and a moisture absorber have been installed.

Hydrophore entrance ZHF hydrophore set UZS.8 control

The hydrophore station in Czocha Castle has been designed by Prodomar from Lubań.

The product range of Hydro-Vacuum S.A. includes a wide selection of hydrophore set types based on OPA, OPB, OPF pumps. Each set may be individually adapted, designed depending on specific needs, existing installation in the place of operation. Please contact us.

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