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New GTB (3̎) and GTC (3.5̎) deep-well pumps

The offer of the pump and pumping systems factory Hydro-Vacuum S.A. Grudziądz has been expanded with 3-inch deep-well pumps, GTB type and 3.5-inch, GTC type. The new pumps complete the range of deep-well pumps so far 4 inches or more in diameter.
The deep-well pumps manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. are chosen by the majority of waterworks in Poland supplying water from deep-well sources to our taps. The lignite mines in Poland use GB, GC, GD deep-well pumps to dewater open casts where the operating conditions of the pumps are very difficult. A large part of the produced deep-well pumps goes to foreign markets.

The new GTB and GTC pumps are intended mainly for the use in private farms, agriculture and small industrial plants with their own deep-well sources.
In deep-well GTB, GTC pumps the so-called "floating rotors" are used to increase the resistance of the pump structure to sand accumulation in water and ensure high hydraulic efficiency with low power consumption. Small outer diameters of only 75mm (GTB) and 88mm (GTC) in size allow installation in small diameter drillings. The pumps are factory-equipped with a 15-meter cable, which allows, in most cases, to avoid having an additional cable attached. GTB and GTC pumps are covered by a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee.

The pumps are available in Hydro-Vacuum S.A distribution network throughout the whole country and in our online store.

We encourage you to read the full information about GTB and GTC pumps:

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