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How are pumps created? Second step of the production process - Mechanical processing.

We continue our series of videos showcasing every step of the pump production process. Take a look at the second part showcasing the Mechanical processing process.

Obtaining a raw casting is one thing, bringing it into a shape that will allow you to obtain the right parameters is something else. Machining is the second process that must be performed very precisely so that, after assembly, the pump has all the planned properties and design parameters (physical and technical). All this is possible thanks to the experience of a team of specialists employed in our machining department, who perform tasks with passion, and thanks to our modern machines.

The machining and tool room department is equipped with over 80 machines, including 17 numerically controlled CNC machines. We also implemented the first fully automatic robot operated nest. We also have our own welding lines that enable the production of pressure tanks and hydrophore sets, and a tool room that makes modeling for new pump designs created in the design office.

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