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Sewage pumping station TSC.1.60 with Hydro-Press system.

Description and example of a sewage pumping station cooperating with the Hydro-Press system for "blowing through" sewage pipelines:

In the classical pumping station system, the wastewater flows into the pumping station chamber via gravity channels and is then transported from there to the blow-out chamber by means of pumping systems. Depending of the inflow and the diameter of the pumping pipeline, the wastewater stays in an oxygen-free environment in the pumping line for a certain period of time. If the residence time in the oxygen-free environment exceeds 4 hours (provided the wastewater if "fresh"), the wastewater begins to rot. If the wastewater is already "thickened" in the compressor chamber, the time before the wastewater starts to thicken can be reduced to as little as one hour. The longer it takes to transport the wastewater to the expansion chamber, the higher the degree of compaction. As a result, hydrogen sulfide is emitted, which even in low concentrations is dangerous to human health and even life. It causes odour nuisance and corrosion of concrete and steel elements not only in the expansion well, but also in the further streches of the network.

In such cases, we recommend the use of the Hydro-Press system, which prevents the waste water from being held in the pumping pipeline, thereby reducing the rotting of the wastewater and the associated odour nuisance. This solution works in the sewage pumping station system in the Mieszkowice community, where there are very long pumping pipelines, and present are all the right conditions causing the thickening of the waste, like long residence time. Having no influence over the increase of inflow to the compressor station and the length of the conveying lines, the only thing that can be done is to shorten the holding time of the wastewater by "pushing" it out using compressed air. The Hydro-Press system consists of a compressed air station with the connected compressed air installation and a technology container for installation of a compressor. The control cabinet that is responsible for the system is controlled by UZS.8 control cabinet manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S.A., dedicated for the compressor station system, which features an appropriate work algorithm. Each working day, the compressor station is marked by so called "morning peak" and "evening peak" of sewage inflow. After each of these periods, the compressor is switched on as a parallel device to the pumps. The operating time is initially set at 60 minutes (The parameter is adjusted after a week of system operation, when the discharge pipeline is cleaned from deposits). During the compressor operation, it is not possible to switch on the pumps, which is ensured by the UZS.8 control unit dedicated to the operation of the sewage pumping station system together with the Hydro-Press system. During compressor operation air is supplied to the pipeline. The air is pumped into the pumping pipeline, It pushes the wastewater up to the expansion well, leaving the pipeline empty. In this way, the discharge line is additionally cleaned (the expansion of the air causes an increase in flow velocity and thus the removal of deposits) as well as the gravity sewer just downstream of the expansion chamber. Empty pipeline then awaits the next pumping cycles, which pump the wastewater into an environment with oxygen present, further preventing the rooting process.

The system described above works with the sewage pumping station TSC.1.60 with pumps FZE.2.33 (9.2kW) in Mieszkowice municipality. The implementation of this investment has significantly improved the comfort of life for residents, and the operator thanks to the use of sewage pumping station TSC with Hydro-Press system provides an additional safety buffer in the free operation of the device and additionally ensures full patency of the pumping pipelines, at the same time eliminating odor nuisance.

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