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[pdf]  00_folder_HV-EN.pdf Leaflet about Hydro-Vacuum S.A. and products 11.1 MB 2015-03-05
[pdf]  00_program_produkcji-EN.pdf Review of the production program Hydro-Vacuum S.A. 4.4 MB 2020-09-15
[pdf]  01A_glebinowe_GT-EN.pdf   11.6 MB 2020-10-08
[pdf]  01_glebinowe-EN.pdf Deep-well pumps G 3.2 MB 2020-02-11
[pdf]  02_samozasysajace-EN.pdf Self-priming pumps SK, SA 3.2 MB 2020-01-13
[pdf]  03_do_gazuLPG_SKC_SKD-EN.pdf Self-priming side channel pumps with reduced
anti-cavitation surplus for pumping liquid
hydrocarbons (including LPG)-type SKC,SKD
2.0 MB 2011-10-25
[pdf]  04_prozniowe-EN.pdf PW type vacuum pumps and DW type blowers 2.1 MB 2019-12-11
[pdf]  05A_pionowe_OPF-EN.pdf Vertical „in-line” pumps type OPF 2.2 MB 2016-07-11
[pdf]  05_pionowe_OPA-EN.pdf Vertical „in-line” pumps type OPA, OPB 2.0 MB 2012-10-05
[pdf]  07_odsrodkowe_KS_KSM-EN.pdf Impeller centrifugal pumps - type KS, KSM 1.6 MB 2009-01-29
[pdf]  08_zatapialne_WZA-EN.pdf Submerged pumps - type WZA 966.7 KB 2009-02-04
[pdf]  09A_folder_tlocznie-EN.pdf Sewage pumping stations with separation of solids type TSA, TSB, TSC 1.7 MB 2016-01-28
[pdf]  09A_zatapialne_FZ_przepompownie-EN.pdf Single-stage FZ type pumps,
Intermediate pumping PS type stations,
TS type sewage pumping stations with separation of solids
25.1 MB 2019-02-26
[pdf]  09A_zatapialne_PSE-EN.pdf   1.8 MB 2020-09-03
[pdf]  09C_impellers_FZ-EN.pdf   1.2 MB 2021-01-04
[pdf]  09W_wlazy_WP-EN.pdf   2.3 MB 2020-09-03
[pdf]  11A_laczniki-EN.pdf LCA pressure switches 3.2 MB 2020-07-27
[pdf]  11B_laczniki_LCS-EN.pdf LCS pressure connectors - Protection against dry running 3.2 MB 2020-07-27
[pdf]  14B_jednostopniowe_odsrodkowe_dwustrumieniowe_DHV_EN.pdf Single stage axially split double suction centrifugal pumps DHV type 886.7 KB 2020-11-24
[pdf]  14C_jednostopniowe_odsrodkowe_MVL.pdf-EN.pdf Single-stage, centrifugal pumps „in-line” MVL type 1.0 MB 2016-09-09
[pdf]  14_jednostopniowe_odsrodkowe_NHV_PL-EN-RU.pdf Single-stage, centrifugal pumps type NHV,
Monoblock pumps type MV
3.1 MB 2018-07-11
[pdf]  15_zaklad_odlewni.pdf Leaflet Foundry 852.3 KB 2018-01-30
[pdf]  18_multistage_WH-EN.pdf WHA multistage rotodynamic pumps 6.2 MB 2018-05-11
[pdf]  19_pump_testing_station-EN.pdf Pump testing station 3.4 MB 2017-03-02
[pdf]  20_pompy_dla_cieplownictwa-EN.pdf Pumps for heat and power stations 3.4 MB 2016-04-26
[pdf]  21_pompy_szybowe_FZS-EN.pdf Single-stage submersible pumps installed in column pipes 1.2 MB 2018-03-27
[pdf]  22_pompy_na_pochylniach-EN.pdf Inclined pump with automatic movable coupling set 10.0 MB 2017-10-17
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