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SA.80, SB.80 self-priming pumps


Self-priming rotodynamic, side-channel pumps with open impeller are designed for pumping liquids within the corrosion resistance limits of materials used for pump construction. Liquids can contain trace amounts of non-abrasive solid particles of up to 0.5 mm in size. Together with the liquid, pumps can replenish air in the tank through an aeration injection valve. SB.80 pumps are adjusted for pumping a wide range of hydrocarbons such as gasolines, fuel oils etc.

SA and SB pumps can be used in:

  • waterwork systems,
  • individual farms,
  • industry.

Technical specifications

capacity 12 ÷ 39 m3/h
delivery head up to 100 m
pumped liquid temperature up to 110 oC
liquid density up to 1300 kg/m3
liquid viscosity up to 150 mm2/s
mass 22,2 ÷ 47,0 kg
motor power 5,5 ÷ 22 kW
rotation speed 1450 obr/min (50 Hz) and 1800 obr/min (60 Hz)
rotations direction clockwise, looking on the pumps from drive side
shaft seal SA.80 cord seal
SB.80 end-face seal

Technical data with division into individual types

Pump variety Type/
Type dimension Parameters
Q [m3/h]
Delivery head
H [m]
80 01, 02, 03 12 ÷ 39 8,2 ÷ 98,9

Product marking structure

8 0
0 1
1 0 2 0
1 0 0
a f
b b
c c
e1 e2 e3 e4
i i i

a - classification group

- product variety (A - with ball bearing at suction and at discharge side)
                             (B - with ball bearing at suction side and slide bearing at discharge side)
b b - pump type/size
c c - pump type/dimension (number of stages) (01 ÷ 03)
d - pump material execution as in MATERIAL EXECUTION
e1 e2 e3 e4   - pump constructional execution as in CONSTRUCTIONAL EXECUTION
h - supply completeness as in SUPPLY COMPLETENESS
i i i - motor type
k - product cosmetics as in PRODUCT COSMETICS (protective coatings)

Material execution of SA and SB pumps

SA.80 and SB.80 pumps are produced in four material executions

Pump elements Material "d"
1 2 3 4
Casing gray cast iron tin bronze gray cast iron gray cast iron
Members gray cast iron chromium cast iron gray cast iron chromium cast iron
Impeller tin bronze tin bronze ductile cast iron tin bronze
Shaft stainless steel acid-proof steel stainless steel acid-proof steel
Shaft seal soft-cord seal *
mechanical *

* material selection of seals depends on pumped liquid

Constructional execution

execution No
e1 e2 e3 e4
Constructional execution S pump
SA.80 SB.80
1020 Pump with cord seal
for -30oC ÷ +70oC liquid temperature
2020 Pump with cord seal,
for liquids of +70oC ÷ +110oC temperature
1050 Pump with cord seal and circulation pipe
for -30oC ÷ +70oC liquid temperature
1110 Pump with V-type single front seal
for -30oC ÷ +70oC liquid temperature

Supply completeness

1 - Pump with free shaft end.
2 - Pump with coupling.
3 - Pump with coupling and foundation plate.
5 - As in 3 plus electric motor.

Product cosmetics

1. Standard
2. Specjal


S pumps consist of: bearing housings, shaft, suction and discharge housings in which shaft seals are installed. On the shaft impellers are mounted, their number depends upon the number of pump stages. Impeller positions are limited by limiting members. Suction member is located on conversions suction housing and discharge member.
SB.80 pumps differ from their basic SA.80 execution in the use of one ball bearing at the suction side and a special internal slide bearing at the discharge side. Moreover, front seal is used in place of cord seal.
Such a pump design ensures its long life.


  • many years of reliable operation and easy access to replacement parts guaranteed,
  • execution of individual requirements and products adjusted to customer's needs,
  • permanent technical supervision as well as guarantee and post-guarantee service,
  • low procurement and operation costs,
  • relatively long life in difficult operational conditions.

SA, SB pumps sealing systems

      Cord seal system
System of cord seal with circulation pipe      
      Front single seal system

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