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Inclined pump with automatic movable coupling set


Inclined pump with automatic movable coupling set this is additionally equipped, highly efficient single stage centrifugal pump with channel closed impeller, multi blade with blades z spatial curvature FZP type. Pump is designated for pumping clean or slightly contaminated water with solid content with diameter no bigger than free impeller passage. Especially pumps are designated for pumping water with sand content.

Pumps for inclined installation are in standard produced of grey cast iron with impellers made of grey cast iron chromium cast iron, bronze or cast steel. On client`s request and for particularly difficult operating conditions also other pump hydraulic parts can be made of materials highly resistant for abrasion or chemical composition of the pumped medium.

Pump efficiency reaches up to 85% and it is additionally characterised by low NPSH


Pumps are alternatively equipped with submersible electric motors or electric motors with internal cooling system, which allows for safe pump`s operation without its submersing. It gives the operational safety in water reservoirs where it can take place the rapid drop of water level or in reservoirs characterised by differentiated water level.

Mobile system

For application of the pump in inclined installation the pumping unit is installed on the specially designed trolley which moves on properly prepared track on the wheels made of plastic material or acid-proof stainless steel. Pump moving up and down the track is done by rope hoist.

Trouble-free operation of lowering and raising the pump is guaranteed by special mobile mechanism equipped with scrapers.

Movable automatic coupling

When the pump is lowered into the working position, the aggregate is automatically coupled with the pipe line thanks to movable coupling connector. The construction of the movable coupling thanks to equipping with special sealings ensures the tightness of the whole system


General application of these pumps is pumping water from open water reservoirs, especially from the banks of the rivers

In inclined pumps with automatic, mobile coupling there could be alternatively used:

  • Motors with IP68 protection degree cooled by pumped liquid – pump operation is possible when keeping adequate submersion level in pumped liquid
  • Motors with IP68 protection degree and internal cooling system – pump operation is possible when fully emerged and at submersion

Motors with IP68 protection degree cooled by pumped liquid Motors with IP68 protection degree and internal cooling system

Operation area

Principles of operation of internal cooling system

  • Motor cooling is realized through internal cooling system, which absorbs heat from motor casing and transfer it to pumped liquid through a wall dividing motor and pump,
  • Liquid movement in an internal system enforces axial impeller with low energy-consumption,
  • System coolant is a mixture of glycol with water or water,
  • Liquid in cooling system if fully separated from pumped liquid what protects the cooling system against contamination or overgrow with from example algae, mud, etc.,
  • There is low pressure in the cooling system what eliminates risk of possible unsealing of a system.

Advantages of the inclined pumps produced by Hydro-Vacuum S.A.

  • Highly-efficient pumps are applied what has an influence on low operation costs,
  • Pumps are characterised by low NPSH, what allow for proper operation in wide range of capacity,
  • It is possible to use a drive with internal cooling system, what limits necessity of constant monitoring of water level,
  • Pump inlet is equipped with suction funnel with possibility of application of inlet strainer,
  • Frame and mobile system could be precisely adjusted to intake conditions,
  • Wheels of mobile system are fitted with self-lubricating slide bearings, what guarantees efficient operation,
  • Mobile system is equipped with scrapers cleaning the track,
  • Special construction of mobile coupling ensures its reliability,
  • Especially shaped gasket guarantees leak-proofness of a coupling,
  • Adequate material execution of a coupling protects it against blocking and damage by components of pumped liquid.

Inclined pump with automatic coupling during tests on producer’s test station

Automatic, mobile coupling – leak-proofness test
Transfer of pump on test station Examination of properties of mobile system

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