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Single-stage, centrifugal pumps „in-line” type MVL


MVL pumps are used for pumping clean or almost clean liquids with viscosity similar to that of water.

The MVL pumps can be used in:

  • water supply systems
  • water works systems
  • water treatment systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • industrial water circuits
  • fireproof systems

Basic technical data

Capacity up to 500 m3/h
Delivery head up to 95 m
Temperature of pumped liquid from -10 up to +110oC
Motor power rating up to 55 kW
R.P.M. 1450, 2900
Suction fl ange DN 40 ... DN 200 mm
Discharge fl ange DN 40 ... DN 200 mm

For constructional reasons, pumps from the MVL family are divided into three groups according to their dimensions. It has been assumed that the characteristic value of the pumps is the diameter of the shaft under the mechanical seal.

GROUP Nominal diameter of the mechanical seal
A 30
B 40
C 50

Maximum operating pressure 10 bar: Group C. Maximum operating pressure 16 bar: Group A and Group B. Since the temperature of the pumped medium and maximum operating pressure are related, please contact the producer in case of any questions. Operating pressure is the pressure occurring in the pump's short pipe.

Product marking structure


MVL-40-200 - Pump type [40 – nominal diameter of the pump's short pipes, 200 – nominal rotor diameter]. (example)
1 - Impeller trimming
   (numbers: 2900 rpm. - letters: 1450 rpm.)
d - Materials execution
e  e1 e1 e4   - Constructional execution
h - Completeness of supply
i i i - Motor selection
k - Finishing

Material execution

Pump part Materials "d"
Casing Grey cast iron Grey cast iron
Sealing body Grey cast iron Grey cast iron
Impeller Grey cast iron Bronze
Shaft Stainless steel Stainless steel

Constructional execuion

  • The MVL family comprises single-staged centrifugal normal intake pumps characterised by tight construction with a closed rotor; both short pipes (pumping and intake) share the same symmetric axis ('inline' pump). The intake and pumping short pipes are compliant with the ISO 7005-2/PN 16 standard.
  • The dimensions of the flanges of the intake and pumping short pipes are compliant with the ISO 7005-2/PN 16 standard.
  • A special modular system used in the pump enables one to uninstall the whole bearing set (including rotor and container) without the necessity to dismount the installation.
  • All rotors are statically and dynamically balanced in compliance with the ISO 1940 standard, class 6.3.
  • MVL pumps are connected to the motor using a rigid coupling (for W1 and W2 – sleeve coupling, for W3 – faceplate coupling).
  • The pumps are driven by asynchronic air-cooled electric motors compliant with the VDI and IEC standards.
  • This type of pump is equipped with a single mechanical seal. The material options for the pump are dependent on the pumped medium.

Currently, the pump is produced in one basic option as specified by the following product specifications: e e1 e1 e4 = 1010. The pump features a single, non-balanced mechanical seal.

Product cosmetics

1 - Standard
2 - Special

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