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PFA Tank Pumps


The PFA pumps are immersible, single-stage rotary pumps equipped with a single-sided centrifugal rotor. The pumps are designed to pump water, polluted liquid, faeces, and liquid manure, the density of which should not exceed 1100 kg/m3, the viscosity of which should not exceed 13 mm2/s, and precipitated fibre the length of which should not exceed 20 mm. The aggressiveness of the liquids pumped should not exceed the corrosion resistance level of the materials used to construct the unit.

The PFA pumps can be used:

  • in sewage treatment plants, as supporting units,
  • in horticulture,
  • on farms,
  • to empty home cesspits,
  • in rainwater development,
  • to drain flooded buildings/facilities,
  • to empty pools and tanks.

Technical Specifications

Capacity up to 39 m3/h
Delivery head up to 9,2 m
Immersion depth up to 1,3 m
Liquid maximum temperature up to 40 oC
Pumped liquid density up to 1100 kg/m3
Mass 26,2 kg
Motor power 0,55 ÷ 1,5 kW
Rotational speed 1420 obr/min

Technical specifications including particular types of pumps

Pump type PFA.2 PFA.5
- nominal
- operational range
3 ÷ 21
12 ÷ 39
Delivery head :
- nominal
- operational range
5,9 ÷ 1,4
9,2 ÷ 1,9
Motor power kW 0,55 1,50
Rotational speed min-1 1450 1450
Power supply voltage V 400 230 400 230
Operational range for the M611 overload switch A 1,0÷1,6 2,5÷4,0 4,0÷6,3 10,0÷16,0
M611 switch cap A In (nominal motor current)
Current feedback of electrical fuse A 3x10 1x25 3x25 1x50
Maximum waste diameter mm 15 22
Rotor diameter mm 140 170
Pumping duct diameter mm 50 50
Unit mass kg 39 42 50 53

Th e product code is structured as follows:

0 1
1 0 1 2
0 0 5
a a a
c c
e1 e1 e2
i i i

a a a - Pump type
b - pump type-size
c c - type dimensions
d - Material execution
e  e1 e1 e2   - Constructional execution
h - Completeness of supply
i i i - Unit selection (coded as per internal documents of the manufacturer)
k - Finishing

Materials of construction

   There is only one material option for the PFA pumps.

Części pompy Wykonanie materiałowe d=1
Casing gray cast iron
Rotor gray cast iron
Closure system gray cast iron
Connector motor body gray cast iron
Shaft stainless steel
Slide bearing e = 1 steel / rubber
e = 2 steel / bronze
Casing pipe R35 steel
Hanger carbon steel
Z50 hosepipe rubber
AP clamp galvanised carbon steel
Smooth joint carbon steel
Quick-release coupling h = 7 brass
h = 8 aluminium

Production Specifications

Production specifications are marked: e  e1 e1 e2 meanings are as follows:

"e" - temperature of the pumped medium
"e1e1" - rotor type
"e2" - additional equipment

"e" = 1 Adapted for liquid at a temperature of 0 < t < 40oC
"e" = 2 Adapted for liquid at a temperature of 0 < t < 90oC

"e1e1" = 01 Single-sided centrifugal rotor

"e2" = 0 Optional equipment
"e2" = 1 Complete with electric equipment for pumps utilised in farms (M611 switch in G7 casing – IP65 class protection, plug, socket – IP57, and 10 meter wire)
"e2" = 2 Complete with electrical equipment for general use pumps

Supply completeness

4 - At the endpoint of the pump's short pipe is a connector + AP clamp.
6 -
At the endpoint of the pump's short pipe is a connector + AP clamp + rubber hosepipe (1.2m long) with a pipe connector at its endpoint.
7 -

At the endpoint of the pump's short pipe is a connector + AP clamp + rubber hosepipe (1.2m long) with a quick release coupling at its endpoint (the quick release coupling is made of brass).
8 -

At the endpoint of the pump's short pipe is a connector + AP clamp + rubber hosepipe (1.2m long) with a quick release coupling at its endpoint (the quick release coupling is made of aluminium).
  In order to suit the individual customer's needs, the length of rubber hosepipes can be customised.

Product cosmetics

  1. Standard

Operation area


  • innovative construction solutions
  • long-term operational reliability and easy access to replacement parts guaranteed
  • permanent technical supervision and guarantee, and post-guarantee service
  • low cost of purchase and use
  • meets individual demands and can be adapted to the customer's needs
  • relatively long lifespan under difficult operating conditions


The PFA unit is a single-stage rotary centrifugal pump driven by a single-sided drive shaft, which is driven by an induction motor. The drive shaft is slide-mounted on a bearing installed in the main body of a pump. The drive shaft is covered with a casing pipe, which is an element linking the main body of the pump with the body of the motor connector. The main body of the pump is closed by an entry closure, which may also function as a base for the pump at the bottom of a tank. A holder with a hanger, which is screwed into the motor container's flange, is used to mount the pump unit in the container's opening; it also secures the motor against mechanical damage that might occur during transport or storage of the pump unit.

Pump Cross-Section

1 - Casing
2 - Rotor
3 - Closure system
4 - Motor connector body
5 - Drive shaft
6 - Slide bearing
  7 - Casing pipe
  8 - Hanger
  9 - Z50 hosepipe
10 - AP clamp
11 - Smooth joint
12 - Quick-release coupling

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