Circulation pumps

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Circulation pumps CL, COK


The CL type centrifugal vortex pumps are intended to accelerate the circulation of pure and chemically inert liquids in central heating systems and hot domestic water systems.

Design of CL pumps

The CL type inline flow centrifugal vortex pumps are single-stage devices with compact design and a layout of connectors that enables direct coupling with central heating of hot domestic water pipelines.

The pump is installed directly on a motor with a special shaft end that accommodates the pump rotor and a mechanical face seal. The pump body is bolted via a special adapter to the motor flange with M8 (CL3) or M10 (CL4) stud bolts.

Technical specifications

CL Pumps

  • Capacity: 4,5 ÷ 36 m3/h
  • Delivery Head: up to 5,8 m
  • Pumped Liquid Temperature: up to 110oC
  • Mass: 18 ÷ 26,7 kg
  • Motor Power [CL 3]: 0,25 kW
  • Motor Power [CL 4]: 0,55 kW


The COK propeller pumps are intended to accelerate the circulation of pure and chemically inert liquids in central heating systems and domestic hot water systems.

Design of COK pumps

The COK elbow propeller pumps are single-stage pumps with angled arrangement of connectors, where one of the connectors is the extension of the drive motor.

The driving force of the motor is transmitted to the pump shaft with two slide bearings via a bush coupling. The shaft is sealed with a cord-type soft seal. The elbow design of the body allows direct installation of the pump on the pipeline.

Technical specifications

COK Pumps

  • Capacity: 48 ÷ 390 m3/h
  • Delivery Head: up to 2,7 m
  • Pumped Liquid Temperature: up to 90oC
  • Mass: 35 ÷ 92 kg
  • Motor Power [COK 125]: 0,75 kW
  • Motor Power [COK 200]: 3 kW


  • Guaranteed long-lasting operation and readily available spare parts.
  • Constant technical supervision with warranty and post-warranty technical service.
  • Low purchase and operating costs.
  • Relatively long operating life in harsh conditions.


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