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Hydro-Vacuum S. A. is a dynamically developing leader of the pump industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe with many years of experience. The history of the factory dates back to 1862.

In developing the company's strategy, we are guided by the goals of sustainable development.

Our mission is to shape our business strategy around the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR, ESG), ensuring that we provide customers with pumping equipment for various media. This not only enables the users of our products to achieve sustainable development goals, particularly in areas such as resource renewal and rational resource utilization.

We are guided by the message that true business success is one that serves people, benefits employees, and the environment.

In developing the design of new products, the company contributes to achieving many goals outlined in the UN's global sustainable development strategy, the Agenda 2030, including goals 6 and 7 aimed at ensuring access to water and sanitation for all through sustainable water resource management, as well as providing stable, sustainable, and modern energy sources at an affordable price. Developed as part of a research and development project, mini turbines allow, among other things, the recovery of energy lost in district heating networks and at discharge points for liquids (clean and polluted water). The concept was developed with the aim of increasing the availability of such devices at an affordable price. Additionally, the modernized pump designs significantly reduce the size of embedded power, while investments in photovoltaic farms ensure the factory's use of renewable energy.

Innovation Leader
  • Our Own Research and Development Department is dedicated to developing new pump designs, modernizing existing ones, and customizing products to meet specific needs • Our highly skilled engineering staff also holds doctoral degrees in technical sciences
  • We conduct Implementation Doctorates within the factory as part of our staff's competence development, supporting the completion of several doctoral theses by employees (focused on pumps, pump systems, and foundry).
  • Our Modern Pump Testing Station comprehensively handles research orders.
  • We hold several patents and proprietary rights for our inventions.
  • We organize Scientific and Technical Conferences that gather scientists from the pump industry as well as pump and pump system users.
  • We participate in technical and scientific conferences, sharing knowledge with our partners.
  • We collaborate with technical universities.
  • In our design process, we utilize software such as SolidWorks CAD 3D and ANSYS Fluent for flow simulation, as well as Magmasoft for casting process simulation.
  • For product improvements, we collaborate with users of our pumps, who provide feedback based on their experiences, which we strive to incorporate into new designs.
  • In our R&D work, we place a strong emphasis on issues related to sustainable development concepts.
Quality Leader
  • We have an integrated quality management system, encompassing environment, health, and safety.
  • Annually, the system undergoes inspection by the Certification Office of Management Systems PRS S.A.
  • We conduct internal business assessments from the perspective of sustainable development strategy and management principles in line with CSR and ESG principles.
Leader in Flexibility and Execution of Large Non-Standard Projects
  • We closely collaborate with our clients, advising on the best solutions within the framework of sustainable development.
  • In addition to ready-made “off-the-shelf” solutions, we also offer pump system design services
  • Pump systems are tailor-made, meaning that close, partnership-based cooperation begins at the stage of diagnosing needs, including visits from our specialists to the client's facility.
  • The result is the creation of a product that precisely meets the needs and requirements of the client and the natural environment.
Production Facility
  • Our own foundry for cast iron and non-ferrous metals provides parts for the production of pumps and pumping systems, allowing for significant and real rationalization of carbon dioxide emission reduction processes.
  • The machining department is equipped with modern CNC machines which are numerically controlled and which collaborate with industrial robots.
  • Experienced and qualified staff in the assembly department assembles the final product from semi-finished products and components.
  • The Quality department tests and checks products for compliance with quality requirements and documentation.
  • Production automation.
Our Crew
  • A cohesive yet autonomous team of Hydro-Vacuum S.A. employees is the cornerstone of our success.
  • We organize team-building events, group trips, and winter swimming sessions.
  • We participate in charity actions.
  • We engage in activities for the natural environment.
  • We actively support the education of young talents, collaborating with vocational and academic institutions.
  • Our employees pursue their scientific ambitions by improving their qualifications and preparing doctoral theses.
Global Reach
  • Our pumps and pumping systems reach users worldwide.
  • Over 30% of total production is destined for export.
  • The main export destinations are Europe, Far East countries, and Arab countries.
  • Some of the largest projects completed include the delivery of pumps for a water intake and treatment station with a capacity of 200,000 m3 per day for a population of approximately 1.5 million people, as well as hydroelectric power plants with a total installed motor power of 16.2 MWh and optimal efficiency of 67,000 m3/h.
  • Our customers groups are very diverse.
  • We supply pumps to individual customers, farmers, gardeners, etc., both through our distribution network and directly to water and sewage treatment plants, industrial plants, conglomerates, brown coal mines, hydroelectric power plants, gas-fired cogeneration plants, LPG.
Awards and Distinctions
  • Our products are highly regarded by experts in the pump industry, as evidenced by numerous awards and distinctions.
  • Our company is classified in the ranking of the most innovative enterprises in Poland.
Service Support
  • All products offered by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. are subject to warranty and post-warranty service support.
  • Service repairs are carried out directly by Hydro-Vacuum S.A. service center as well as authorized service points.
  • In case of emergencies, service interventions are available 24 hours a day.
  • All Hydro-Vacuum S.A. products are covered by a warranty ranging from 12 to 60 months, depending on the type.

Prezes Zarządu - Wojciech Grabowski
Wiceprezes Zarządu - Barbara Miller
Członek Zarządu - Alicja Staromłyńska

Kapitał Zakładowy 2.265.631,65 zł., KRS nr 0000026737 - w Sądzie Rejonowym w Toruniu. VII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS.

NIP: 876-02-03-813
REGON: 87000342400000


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