Wastewater and rainwater pumping stations

Wastewater and rainwater PS pumping stations

PS pumping stations manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S. A. are designed for pumping both sanitary wastewater and rainwater/meltwater, drainage and industrial wastewater. Depending on the type of pump used, hydraulic parameters, materials used for the construction of individual components of the pumping station, it can be adapted to any operation conditions, pumped medium, installation conditions.

Pumping stations are used both as an elements of an external sewage infrastructure (sewage networks) and as a sewage systems end in single-family and multi-family buildings (domestic sewage pumping stations). Hydro-Vacuum S.A. pumping stations are located in pedestrian paths, roads, sidelines, squares, parking lots, green areas, along underground tunnels, as well as along highways, railway lines, and tram tracks ensuring an efficient drainage of strategic transportation infrastructure. PS pumping stations are also used in fire protection systems, where it is particularly important to ensure reliability, safety and responsible implementation of investments, which is guaranteed by cooperation with Hydro-Vacuum S.A.

The reason for using pumping stations in the system is above all:
  • Achieving the maximum depth of the gravity network according to the design principles of wastewater systems
  • Diverse terrain topography
  • High groundwater levels
  • Significant distances between the sewage discharge point and the receiver
PS wastewater and rainwater pumping stations manufactured by Hydro-Vacuum S. A. are made of the highest quality materials, are characterized by durability and reliability, at the same time high efficiency and effectiveness of operation and neutralized impact on the environment.


  • modern design solutions of applied pumps
  • low investment and operational costs
  • optimized construction user-friendly for operational and service staff
  • automated operation of the device
  • use of an energy-efficient motors, highly efficient and optimally selected pumps, also in explosion-proof versions
  • unlimited and fast access to spare parts
  • dimensions, ordinates and angles adapted to investment conditions
  • technical and service support at every stage of the investment
  • meeting individual requirements and adapting the product to the customer's needs.


Pumping station Type Number of pumps Control type Tank material Tank diameter [mm] Pump type Discharge pipeline diameter [mm]
PSB 1-2 UZS.4, UZS.7, UZS.8 - Concrete C35/45,
- Polymerconcrete,
1000 - 1500 FZ.1 DN50
PSC 1-2 UZS.7, UZS.8 - Concrete C35/45,
- Polymerconcrete,
1200-2000 FZ.2 DN65
PSD 2 and more UZS.7, UZS.8 - Concrete C35/45,
- Polymerconcrete
1500-4000 FZ.2 - FZ.9 DN80 - DN400
PSE 1 UZS.4 - PEHD 800-1000 FZ.1 DN50
*upon individual request, custom configuration of pumping stations beyond the standard range is possible.

Construction of pumping station

Hydro-Vacuum S.A. sewage pumping stations are complete, fully automated devices consisting of four components:

  • highly efficient FZ type pumps
  • tank serving as an intake chamber, where the medium is gathered
  • control system - safety and control device UZS type and medium level sensors
  • hydraulic and mechanical accessories
Pumps and pump coupling sets, ladders, handrails, service platforms, discharge piping, pump guides, support beams, hatches, as well as all other equipment elements of PS pumping stations are made of stainless steel. Manhole covers produced at the factory are also available as a separate product. Hydro-Vacuum S.A. also produces and offers FW chimney odor neutralizers. FW is made of PEHD and filled with an impregnated activated carbon. FW ensures the purification of all odorous and toxic substances of the air leaving the pumping station.

Hydro-Vacuum S.A. is also a manufacturer of bottom anti-sedimentation ECN inserts, installed in the bottom zone of the pumping station tank to eliminate dead zones and reduce anaerobic processes (sewage putrifaction), resulting in the formation of toxic substances. The ECN bottom insert made of GRP directs solid pollutants towards the pump inlet, ensuring effective pumping of pollutants into the discharge pipeline, thereby minimizing sediment deposition on the bottom of the pumping station. The Hydro-Vacuum S.A. power and control system ensures safe, continuous operation of the pumping station in an automatic mode.


Pumping stations may be equipped with one, two, three, or more pumps. In Hydro-Vacuum S.A. pumping stations, single-stage centrifugal pumps FZ are used. In multi-pump systems, one pump serves as an active reserve. Depending on the type of pumped medium and operating parameters (Q, H), the following pump variants are used:

  • with a shredder, types FZR, FZY
  • with free flow, types FZV, FZE
  • with a closed, channel impeller, types FZB, FZC
  • with a semi-open, channel impeller, types FZF, FZA
Free-flow impeller pumps (Vortex or Vortex Special) reduce the risk of pump clogging.

Multi-channel impeller pumps are mainly used for pumping rainwater, industrial wastewater without long-fibre elements, or wastewater after initial solid separation. Double-channel impeller pumps are designed for pumping raw sewage containing fibrous elements. They are characterized by relatively low power and high efficiency. Pumps in the pumping station are installed on a coupling set ZSP (cast iron coupling elbow with stainless steel pipe guides).

Hydraulic and mechanical equipment

  • Gravity or gravity-mechanical ventilation system
  • Optional flowmeter installed on the discharge pipeline to measure the actual pumping station performance
  • Optional flushing installation for the discharge pipeline in the form of a fire hose connection
  • Soft-sealed or knife gate valves
  • Ball elbow or linear non-return valves

Discharge pipelines and connecting elements are made of stainless steel grade 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4401 or 1.4404 or PEHD. Coupling elbows and return and shut-off fittings are made of gray cast iron protected with anti-corrosion paints.

  • Ladder made of stainless steel grade min. 1. 4301, with CE marking for compliance with PN-EN 14396:2006 standard
  • Service platform, optionally used in pumping stations with tank height above 4m
  • Chains for lowering and lifting pumps
  • Chain for installation of level sensors
  • Coupling elbows with guides



The operation of the pumps is controlled by means of an UZS safety control device. Float level indicators and/or hydrostatic or ultrasonic probes are used to measure the level of sewage in the pumping station. Based on the indications of the level sensors, automatic operation of the pumping station is carried out with the help of the components of the control device. Safety control devices optionally feature an acoustic-optic signaling of alarm states. The pumping station is adapted for cooperation with a remote monitoring and management system for the operation of water and sewage infrastructure facilities.



Pumping stations are equipped with tanks, made alternatively from:

  • Concrete C35/45
  • Polymerconcrete
  • PEHD
Depending on design and investment requirements tanks with diameters from DN800 to DN3000 and maximum heights up to 10 m are used as standard. A manhole is mounted at the top of the tank allowing access to the pump station or removal of pumps and hydraulic equipment. Depending on the location of the pumping station (in a driveable or green area) a manhole of appropriate strength is used.


Hydro-Vacuum S.A. pumping stations bear a Declaration of Performance and the CE marking for compliance with the harmonized standard PN-EN 12050-1:2002.

As a pumping station manufacturer with many years of experience, we offer individual solutions for each customer depending on their needs.

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