Vertical pumps

Vertical multistage OP pumps

Vertical pumps have been designed to pump and increase the pressure of drinking water and household, that contains no contamination and abrasive and long-fiber content. OP pumps can also be used to pump other liquids than water, with their viscosity up to 200 mm2/s and with corrosive power within corrosion resistance of materials applied on their construction.

OP pumps are used in:

  • drinking and household water supply systems (water lines, hydrophores),
  • high pressure circuits,
  • irrigation systems,
  • draining systems,
  • sprinkling machines,
  • boiler feeding,
  • cooling systems,
  • fire-fighting systems,
  • laundry,
  • industrial washing shops,
  • rinsing systems,
  • washing systems,
  • condensation water pumping.


  • Capacity Q: up to 118 m3/h
  • Delivery head H: up to 320 m
  • Pumped liquid temperature t: -15oC ÷ +120oC
  • Viscosity of pumped liquid: up to 200mm2/s


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