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Vertical pumps „in-line” OPF type

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OPF-type vertical pumps are designed for pumping and increasing the pressure of treated drinking water, not containing abrasive and long-fibre additives. The OPF pumps may be also used to pump media other than water, provided that their viscosity does not exceed 200 mm2/s, their corrosiveness being within the corrosion resistance limits of the used construction materials. Maximum operating pressure: pmax = 16 atm (for the special design pmax = 25 atm.) The OPF-type pumps are applied in ZHF-type pressure boosting systems produced by Hydro-Vacuum S.A.

OPF pumps are used in:

  • drinking and household water supply systems (water lines, hydrophores),
  • high pressure circuits,
  • irrigation systems,
  • draining systems,
  • sprinkling machines,
  • boiler feeding,
  • cooling systems,
  • fire-fighting systems,
  • laundry,
  • industrial washing shops,
  • rinsing systems,
  • washing systems,
  • condensation water pumping.


  • Capacity: up to 118 m3/h
  • Delivery head: up to 320 m
  • Pumped liquid temperature: from -15oC up to 120oC
  • Power of the motors (with a current frequency of 50 Hz): from 0,37 kW up to 45 kW


Vertical multistage rotodynamic pumps with suction and discharge ports situated opposite each other (the „in line” system). The pump is driven by a standard flange-mounted electric motor, the power from which is transmitted via a clamp coupling. The upper body of the pump also constitutes support for the motor. The motor with IP55 protection rating belongs to temperature class F.

The axial forces generated in the system during operation of the pump are transmitted by a rolling bearing encased in the pump head (not requiring maintenance for the whole operating life of the pump).

The radial forces are transmitted by a slide bearing, lubricated by the pumped medium.

The pump shaft is sealed in the main body by a single face seal (mechanical).


  • reliability,
  • low procurement and operation costs,
  • easy access to replacement parts,
  • permanent technical supervision as well as guarantee and post-guarantee service
  • execution of individual requirements and products adjusted to customer's needs.

In the view of possible modernization of the article, manufacturer has reserved the right for modification of any technical data, which will not a negative effect for quality of the article.


Hydro-Vacuum S.A. Pump Selection Progam.

Quick and simple online tool for pump selection based on set criteria.

Thanks to the PDP, by means of the "Hydraulic Selection" function, specific pumps can be selected by configuring, among other things, the area of application, pump type, pump design, medium to be pumped, operating point, etc. Alternatively, by using the "Product Catalogue", you can conveniently browse through the pump catalogue which is Hydro-Vacuum S.A. 's production offer.

The result of the selection is a data sheet for the pump containing all the necessary hydraulic (characteristics), electrical, material, construction, dimensional, etc. data.

The first thing to do is to register a new account. After entering some necessary data and approving the form, an activation link will be sent to the e-mail address provided. After clicking on the link, you will be able to make full use of the Hydro-Vacuum S.A. Pump Selection Software.

We encourage you to create an account and try our program.
Technical assistance in the operation of the program tel. 56 45 07 545 (working days 7:00-15:00)

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